The Open

Phillip Warnell

Director : Phillip Warnell
Country : United Kingdom
Genre : Fiction-Documentary
Length : 75′
Projet state : Development
Budget : 95 550 €
% Acquired Budget : 15 %
Production Company : Big Other Films (self produced)

“Everything surrounds us, we are as if inside a space that has lost its edges, has no limits, one that we have not even entered. We hear a shudder, a wing, a trace. But the path that had just opened closes, we stagger, shaping the unknown we were trying to hold off”. Jean-Christophe Bailly
The Open uses fragments of tales drawn from antiquity, organised around filming sites in the Peloponnese and Spanish landscape. It develops in three spaces, an abandoned village, the littoral and a flooded cave. The story explores the lost origins of language and side-effects of other species, linking aerial and earthbound spheres of influence. Its characters consult birds, whistlers (who speak in greek “sfyria” and spanish “sylbo”). These whistled, endangered languages, communicate across time, landscape and remote spaces. Phillip Warnell

Cynthia Beatt