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Julien Elie

“An elusive evil has taken over Mexico. Twenty years ago, women’s shouting rang out across the north of the country, as they were the victims of a misogynous unprecedented rage. On the other side of the volcanos of the capital city, hundreds of others have su ered a similar fate in the recent years. Elsewhere, farmers, students as well as simple travellers disappear on the roads while several journalists are shot to the ground. The prevailing impunity opens the door to all sorts of downward slides, and terror is sweeping the entire country. Some speak up, condemn and investigate while others, armed with shovel and dodging ambushes, venture to look for the missing. After many testimonies and much searching, the truth gradually surfaces.” This is how Julien Elie summarizes this extensive epic film. Emphasizing how urgent this research work is, he directs a gripping, remarkable and overwhelming investigative film in six chapters, in which victims, defenders and journalists take us through the desolate areas of testimonies. (J.P.R.)

  • GNCR Award

Technical sheet

Canada / 2018 / Black & White / 154'

Original version: Spanish, English. Subtitles: French. Scenario: Julien Elie. Image: Ernesto Pardo, François Messier-Rheault. Editing: Aube Foglia. Sound: Mimi Allard With: Mimi Allard, Daniel Capeille, Gabriel Villegas, Bernard Gariépy Strobl.

Production: Cinema Belmopan (Julien Elie, Richard Brouillette).

Filmography : Jusquiame noire, 1994. Le Dernier repas, 2002. Celui qui savait, 2002. Soleils noirs, 2018