Jazmín López


Genre : Fiction
Length : 90’

Project status : Development
Budget : 500 000 €
Acquired budget : 100 000 €

Shooting country : Argentina

What if I told you the plot of Vertigo is true, but the story even more perversely rooted in the traumatic history of a dictatorship, in a nation’s obsession with a woman who became a goddess and a savior, and in the real-life attempt to reincarnate her in the body of her successor? Through supernatural means, Isabel Martínez de Perón attempts to extract from the embalmed body of Eva Perón the dose of charisma she lacks.

Note of intention

I am interested in thinking of this character as a container of history. Isabel arrives in Perón’s life after Eva’s death. She always lived and will live with the ghost of the most important woman in our history. Eva the woman of the poor, Eva the first Latin American politician, Eva and her charisma, Eva, always Eva. A young woman with esoteric training in her adoptive family is ready to incarnate Eva. That spiritist character is what leads Isabel to believe that Eva not only existed in flesh and blood but Eva needed a new body, and Isabel could offer her flesh, her blood. Isabel is willing to give up her identity, to leave behind who she is to receive Eva’s spirit in her body. The history of Argentina and necrophilia is from yesteryear. Eva’s corpse was the object of extreme desires and projections. That anatomy expresses much of the history of my country. From a close up perspective with a formalist filmmaking this film will be a representation of a woman as a prisoner of herself within her own body subverts the tropes of political dramas in the history of Latin America.

Note Intention


Jazmín López


lf l Were the Winter ltself / 2020 / 92′
Leones / 2013 / 82′
Te amo y morite / 2009 / 12′
Juego vivo / 2008 / 2′
Parece una pierna de una muñeca / 2007 / 8′


Production : Maravilla Cine (Argentina)
Producers : Paula Zyngierman, Leandro Listorti

Selective filmography

Wanderer / Adriana Lestido / 2022 / 78’

Herbaria / Leandro Listorti / 2022 / 83’

Loving Martha / Daniela López / 2022 / 75’

That Weekend / Mara Pescio / 2021 / 67’

Borom Taxi / Andrés Guerberoff / 2021 / 62’

Husek / Daniela Seggiaro / 2021 / 89’

Map of Latin American Dreams / Martín Weber / 2020 / 91’

The Faculties / Eloísa Solás / 2019 / 78’

The Endless Film / Leandro Listorti / 2018 / 83’

Marilyn / Martín Rodríguez Redondo / 2018 / 80’

Irati Gorostidi Agirretxe

Alan Martín Segal

Julien Ticot-Guillet

Beatrice Gibson

Ann Oren

Salomé Lamas

Gregor Božič