Fragments of This Beauty

Burak Çevik


Genre : Fiction
Length : 75’

Project status : Development
Budget : 155 000 €
Acquired budget : 25 000 €

Shooting country : Turkey

Fragments of This Beauty focuses on one of Turkey’s most bloody political massacres of 1977. The film follows two men in a hotel room over a period of two days. They eat, shower, watch a soccer match on TV, stare at a painting on the wall and daydream. These two men are killing time before they cause the deaths of 34 people. Fragments of This Beauty is a hybrid film with experimental aspects, which imagines an unsolved massacre in Turkey.

Note of intention

Fragments of This Beauty is a film, which imagines an unsolved massacre in Turkey. The film takes place in a hotel room. The camera never sees outside. We are watching two men. Their relationship is unclear. We don’t know what they are here to do, why they are distant from each other. What are they waiting for? Throughout the film the camera does not leave this room. At the end of the film, when the two men point their guns towards Taksim Square, again we do not see the massacre, but we experience it through the soundscape. For a long time, I tried to understand how a massacre could be reenacted from the soundscape. What would the auditory experience of a massacre be like? This film is the result of a long research process. For two years, I have been doing research on the social events that took place in 1977 and 1978. I conducted one-on-one interviews with witnesses of the period. I have been collecting visual and aural materials. The film will be shot in 16mm. This is a very rare choice of cinematographic medium in Turkey. But I can’t imagine this film in any other way. This is a film about collective memory. Bringing memory to the audience through tangible material is the most important choice of the film.


Burak Çevik


Forms of Forgetting / 2023 / 70′
A Woman Escapes / codirectors Blake Williams & Sofia Bohdanowicz / 2022 / 82′
While Cursed by Specters / 2020 / 10′
A Topography of Memory / 2019 / 30′
Belonging / 2019 / 73′
The Pillar of Salt / 2018 / 70′


Production: Vayka Film (Turkey)
Producer: İpek Erden

Selective filmography

A Guide To Living For The Dead / Barış Fert / 2023 / 84’

Distant Mirror / Alican Durbaş / 2022 / 18’

One Way / Kerem Yükseloğlu, R. Hakan Arslan / 2022 / 20’

Production: Fol Films (Turkey)
Producer: Burak Çevik

Forms of Forgetting / Burak Çevik / 2023 / 70’

A Woman Escapes / Burak Çevik, Blake Williams

Sofia Bohdanowicz / 2022 / 82’

While Cursed by Specters / Burak Çevik / 2020 / 10’

A Topography of Memory / Burak Çevik / 2019 / 30’

Belonging / Burak Çevik / 2019 / 73’

The Pillar of Salt / Burak Çevik / 2018 / 70’

Irati Gorostidi Agirretxe

Alan Martín Segal

Julien Ticot-Guillet

Jazmín López

Beatrice Gibson

Ann Oren

Salomé Lamas

Gregor Božič