Disco Fever

Julien Ticot-Guillet


Genre: Documentary-Fiction
Length: 75’

Project status: Script
Budget: 1 700 000 €
Acquired budget: 20 000 €
Shooting Country: Canada, United States

First Feature Film

The film is a journey of a young Canadian actor who comes to the US to shoot the pilot of a new series about Gaëtan Dugas, the infamous AIDS Patient Zero who was accused of spreading HIV all over America. 40 years after his death, from Grindr and movie sets to endless parties, from NYC to San Francisco, the pursuit of his character becomes an inner quest…

Note of intention

Disco Fever is a fake making-of film documenting the preparation and the shooting of a series pilot about Gaëtan Dugas, the AIDS Patient Zero. A furious partygoer and early victim of the epidemic (1984), the young Canadian steward with a thousand lovers was made responsible for the contamination of hundreds of Americans. He remains today one of the founding gay myths of contemporary America and the anti-hero of a tragedy that still influences our time. He was only recently rehabilitated by a documentary, released in 2019.

I am particularly interested in the question of memory and the influence that contemporary myths have on the construction of our identities, as well as the way these identities are constantly reconfigured by mass media and new technologies. By following the actor in charge of the role in the quest for his character, the film will cross real images, archives, found footage, phone images, and 3D, to document the ghosts of NYC, a city that was the epicenter of both Disco and AIDS.

How is this memory still active in the bodies and representations of American gay men today, in a post-pandemic context in which Grindr participated in the massive spreading of the practice of chem sex? How does the specter of AIDS still loom over the enjoyment and liberation of our queer bodies?


Julien Ticot-Guillet


Artistic Director – Director of Photography
La Colline / Julien Chauzit / 2021

Artistic Assistant – Assistant Director
Views of a Room / (LA)HORDE and Rone / 2021
Ghosts / Spike Jonze, (LA)HORDE / 2021
Download and Run Zoom / (LA)HORDE, Lucinda Childs / 2021
You Can’t Take / Lasseindra Ninja x Rashaad Newsome / 2021
Room with a View / (LA)HORDE / 2020


Production : Toni Films (France)
Producer : Nérimen Hadrami

Selective filmography

Wanderer / Adriana Lestido / 2022 / 78’
Ghosts / (LA)HORDE / 2021 / 7’
Download and run Zoom / Lucinda Childs meets (LA)HORDE / 2021 / 17’
Petit Poussin / Nadia Anebri / 2020 / 20’
Chien bleu / Fanny Liatard and Jérémy Trouilh / 2018 / 17’
Hédi & Sarah / Yohan Manca / 2017 / 29’

Irati Gorostidi Agirretxe

Alan Martín Segal

Jazmín López

Beatrice Gibson

Ann Oren

Salomé Lamas

Gregor Božič