The Art of Escape

Leonardo Mouramateus


Genre: Fiction
Length: 90’
Project status: Script
Budget : 333 582 €
Acquired budget: 28 582 €
Shooting country: Portugal

Tozé, a Portuguese immigrant of very few words, is trying to return to the south of France after being thrown out of his home. He earns a few cents by painting the walls of Pipa’s flat, a young woman from Lisbon who barely looks him in the eye.
Magdalene, a young foreigner, sneaks into the grave of a recently murdered friend, only to find it empty. Before she can alert others, Jesus appears beside her, resurrected, to say goodbye.
Jona, a museum guide, meets Denise, a Brazilian student. Helping to complete her academic work, Jona introduces Denise to the painting Appearance of Christ to Mary Magdalene. The passion between the two crosses the night, through the streets of Lisbon, but when they meet again she acts as if they had never met.
Three stories that intersect and illuminate each other over the course of a few days in Lisbon. A romantic comedy, but also an essay on the capacity of desire to awaken us from indifference.

Note of intention

One day, at Easter, I read a text by professor and translator Frederico Lourenço that analyzed the contradictions between the four biblical versions of the resurrection, which immediately aroused my curiosity. Lourenço specifically emphasized the beauty of the description made in John’s Gospel, the only one in which we see Magdalene’s face light up with emotion when she sees her friend reborn. A gesture of recognition that transcends any faith, all the stronger for being so simple.
In some rare moments in life, when the heart seems to be asleep, a single gesture can wake us up. This film, The Art of Escape, is built around these gestures. They are fleeting gestures, sometimes misinterpreted: a wink; a hand in a pocket; a lingering glance; which, unaware of the dull flow of everyday life, revives old passions or breaks the thick ice on which we stand.
If The Art of Escape begins as a classically inspired romantic comedy, full of chance and coincidence, it gradually becomes an essayistic meditation on feelings expressed and silenced, and on the disparity of points of view between two lovers. A realistic fairytale whose subject is the prosaic everyday life of young adults in Lisbon.


Leonardo Mouramateus


• Greice | 2024 | 110’
• Vexations | 2022 | 23’
• A Vida São Dois Dias | 2022 | 82’
• Meio Ano-Luz | 2021 | 18’
• A Chuva Acalanta a Dor | 2020 | 28’
• António Um Dois Três | 2017 | 95’
• Vando Vulgo Vedita | 2017 | 21’
• História de uma Pena | 2015 | 30’
• A Festa e os Cães | 2015 | 25’
• Mauro em Caiena | 2012 | 18’ 12


Production : Manuel Rocha da Silva Unip Lda (Portugal)
Producer: Manuel Rocha da Silva

Coproduction : Quarta-Feira Filmes (Brazil)
Producer: Julia Alves

Selective filmography

Stéphanie Roland

Chloé Galibert-Laîné

Dan Sallitt

Paula Rodríguez Polanco

Riar Rizaldi

Advik Beni & Nehal Vyas

Katsuya Tomita

Ra Di Martino