La Grande Vacance

Chloé Galibert-Laîné


Genre : Documentary
Length: 60’
Project status: Development
Budget : 162 500 €
Acquired budget: 25 000 €
Funds: CNC (FAIA, development fund)
Shooting country: France

First Feature Film

The Great Vacancy is a non-binary film, part essay film and part speculative fiction, exploring images of exhaustion and exhaustion through images. Starting from a streaming practice that sees individuals film themselves sleeping to monetize their downtime, the film offers a critical and poetic reflection on the contemporary entanglements between fatigue, (self-)exploitation, and online screen practices. The Great Vacancy follows the investigation of Seyrig, a character from the near-future, through various digital archives, texts, and other relics from the early 21st century, and wonders: what is our contemporary fatigue about, and what role do the images we consume and produce incessantly play in our collective inability to slow down our pace of life? What will remain of these audiovisual streams in a few generations? What perspective will our descendants hold on the perpetual state of stimulation and generalized exhaustion we currently live in?

Note of intention

For ten years I have been exploring our relations with the images we watch and produce, on- and offline. The Great Vacancy was born of my discovery of ‘‘Sleep Stream’’ videos, in which streamers film themselves sleeping, and invite their viewers to wake them up by sending them cacophonous sounds, in exchange for financial donations. This practice of digital torture seemed to me to condense several aspects of our contemporary lives: the generally unhealthy relationship that many of us have with our bodies and their needs; the exacerbated precariousness of part of the population, which leads us to try to monetize even our sleeping time; and the apparent cruelty of the spectators who lend themselves to the game. Realizing that this spectacle of individual exhaustion was also based on a progressive depletion of the planet’s resources (streaming being one of the most energy- intensive online practices), I decided to set my research in a near future, and imagine what might be left of these audiovisual flows in two or three generations’ time – and the profound incomprehension with which, I hope, our descendants will perceive these remnants of our mediated fatigue. The Great Vacancy recounts this critical and optimistic investigation through what may remain from our exhausted times.


Chloé Galibert-Laîné


• I Would Like to Rage | 2023 | 11’
• GeoMarkr | 2022 | 22’
• True Enough | 2022 | 3’
• Un très long temps d’exposition | 2020 | 7’ • Forensickness | 2020 | 40’
• Bottled Songs : The Observer | 2019 | 19’
• Watching the Pain of Others | 2019 | 31’
• Re-enacting the Future | 2019 | 11’
• Flânerie 2.0 | 2018 | 12’ 15


Production : Darjeeling (France)
Producer: Eliott Baillon

Selective filmography

Stéphanie Roland

Dan Sallitt

Paula Rodríguez Polanco

Riar Rizaldi

Advik Beni & Nehal Vyas

Leonardo Mouramateus

Katsuya Tomita

Ra Di Martino