Marina Tebechrani

Institute of Theatre, Audiovisual and Cinematographic of the Saint Joseph University | Beirut, Lebanon

Marina Tebechrani is based in Beirut. When she was ten, Marina received her first digital camera ; a gift from her mother. That gift opened the doors for Ma- rina to cultivate her passion for moving images. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Audiovisual Studies from the University Saint Joseph in Beirut where she was exposed to the cinema of David Lynch, Leos Carax, and Alejandro Jodorowsky, who greatly influ- enced her perception of cinema. After finishing her studies, Marina went on to indulge in several cinematic projects, pursuing her passion for visual imagery by working as a director of photography. For her, cinematography is much more than framing and lightening. It is a way to express and communicate.

Zafir (Prendre fin)

Lebanon, 2016, 6’

A day in the life of a young Lebanese villager, who after a quarrel with his elder brother, forcedly leaves the house along with his mother. His only refuge is his girlfriend’s house, where he thinks of a way to escape his lifelong suffering and saves himself from losing his mind.Marina Tebechrani