Eliot Ratinaud

Master of Documentary Film and Profession - Aix-Marseille University | France

Eliot first studied History in Toulouse then Humanities in Istanbul. Later he got into the Documentary Master at Aix-Marseille University, where he has dug on sensations and film rythm through cinematographic medium. Fascinated by modernity, Eliot works today on less abstract topics than his first movie "The Rumor of the Rythm" He is now working as a reporter in a local radio. He is also finalizing his first radio docu- mentary for Arte Radio and is working with Mehdi Ahoudig on a documentary set in Morocco. Obssessed with the sound, he wants to work on proj- ects between documentary and music.

Retour à l’inouï (The Rumor of the Rythm)

France, 2017, 18’

When the night comes, we leave the noise of the city for the deafening silence of the forest. There, the vast spaces fade away to give birth to a sound intimacy, between the bodies and the music. Or how to improve some sounds we may only hear this far.
Between different spaces delimited by sound, this essay relies on an auditive narration and tries to put the spectator facing off one type of «functionnal» mu- sic: techno music. A music written to be danced on and experienced by the body beyond the listenning.Eliot Ratinaud