Aliona Zagurovska

La Fémis | Paris, France

Born in 1988 in Ukraine, Aliona Zagurovska studied languages in her country before coming to France in 2010 to study at the ESAV in Toulouse. Four years later, she entered the Fémis. To date, she directed several short films and documentaries selected in several festivals : Pocket Film at Forum des Images, Belize IFF, Les Oeillades, A propos d’Elles, Les Nuits Med, Les Entrevues. FILMOGRAPHY : Trace / 2017 / 23’ Le champ des évadés / 2017 / 29’ La Maison / 2016 / 31’ Miséricorde / 2013 / 16’ Métro Crescendo / 2010 / 7’


France, 2016, 23’30

In a small town in the French province, a group of good friends will soon graduate from high school. They have some time before the separation. They spend it together, everyone living it in their own way and finding themselves lonely experiencing the end.Aliona Zagurovska