Elsa Brès

Le Fresnoy-Studio National des Arts Contemporains | Tourcoing | France

Elsa Brès (born in 1985) graduated from Paris Belleville school of architecture (where she teaches architecture theory) and she also studied at the University of Montreal. She is currently a post-graduate artist at Le Fresnoy Studio National des Arts Contemporains. Her films link research, fiction and experimentation to explore perceptions and political stakes of the contemporary landscapes. Her work was shown at LOOP Barcelona, IndieLis- boa, 25 FPS, Hamburg Short film festival, le 104 (Paris), among others. FILMOGRAPHY : - Stella 50.4N1.5E / 2016 / 15’ - Love Canal / 18’ / 2017

Stella 50.4N1.5E

France, 2016, 14’50

A sea of dunes. An unpopulated seaside resort. Hands putting to- gether a heap of documents. The landscape is an architecture.Elsa Brès