Ahmed Hamed

High Cinema Institute | Cairo, Egypt

Born in 1993 in Cairo, Egypt . In 2015, Ahmed Hamed graduated in Acting and Di- recting at the Faculty of Arts Department of Theatre in Helwan University of Egypt. In 2016, he started a short course of the Cinematog- raphy at the High Cinema Institute in Egypt. He has also studied Directing in Cinema in Stockholm Acad- emy of Dramatic Arts in 2017. He started as a Filmmaker in 2016 and made two short films by himself until today. He got five awards from film festivals for his work. Now he works as a freelance actor, director and cinematographer. FILMOGRAPHY : - Necessity Has No Law / 6’ / 2016 - Short Story / 5’35 / 2016

Short Story

Egypt, 2016, 5’35

A group of children working in the street and playing football during breaks. The entire movie was filmed from the balcony without people being aware of it.
Ahmed Hamed