Anne Vimeux, Alexis Liger

Art History of Aix-Marseille University, ESADMM - Higher School of Fine Arts and Design | Marseille, France

Alexis Liger is a junior student at ESDAMM Marseille and Anne Vimeux is a senior student in Art History at Aix-Marseille University. Both born in Marseille, they try to question their familiar territory, based on miscellaneous news item that occured there. They deconstruct and remake a mythology embodied by a « decolonized » character from a pop background. Kheshia is their first film.


France, 2017, 15’28

Kheshia has Gyptis as a lover. He looks after her, but seems to be unable to re- verse the prophecy. They look trapped by the landscape itself – the hills, the cliffs, the forests, a sort of amphitheatre oriented towards the sea. Nevertheless, the large shaded pine woods surrounding the city appear like the only way out, the challenge is not to get lost.Anne Vimeux, Alexis Liger