Jean-Boris Oué

ESAV - Higher School of Visual Arts | Marrakech, Morocco

After obtaining his BTS, he joined ESAV Marrakech. While studing, he produced, in 2013, a documentary fiction, selected for the TAFF. Passionate about photography, he produced, in 2014, a series that will be exhibited in several cities of the Arab world NEXT TO HERE - organized by the Goethe Institute. To date, he took part in several shoots at various positions within the lighting department and wrote some scripts. In 2016, he produced his film Z-LAN awarded for the best picture at 2017 FICMEC, Benin. The film got selected in several festivals and broadcasted on two channels.


Morocco, 2016, 17’22

Yves invites his girlfriend, Eve, near a fire in a plain far away from town. This romantic moment will be spoilt when Yves tells his girlfriend his plan to claim the place of God. Yves justifies himself by mentioning a dream in which he had met God. But to get to the deity, Yves has to kill the person he loves the most in the world : Eve.Jean-Boris Oué