Bahïa Bencheikh-El-Fegoun


After studying geology, Bahïa Bencheikh-El-Fegoun worked in communications then publishing before becoming assistant director. In 2007, she joins the Ateliers Varan and Béjaïa Doc for trainings in directing. In 2011-2012 she completed an internship in production with DOCmed. In 2014, she co-directed and co-produced H’na barra (52’) her first documentary, selected in many festivals and screened by many feminist associations, cineclubs and universities. Currently she is writing Complexe touristique.


Algeria, 2016, 83’

“I left my country after its leaders humiliated me and closed all doors on dreams and hope” – Tarek.
“The situation of my country saddens me… We unfortunately destroy compe- tence, awareness and beauty… I believe that things have become more than im- possible” – Adel.
“The ways of life are non-existent. Only means of suicide are available and they are many. You can die as you want, but to live, there’s no way of life…” Tahar.
All of them are Algerian citizens.Bahïa Bencheikh-El-Fegoun