Reeda Fneiche

Lebanese University, Faculty of Fine Art and Architecture | Beirut, Lebanon

Born and raised in Beirut, Reeda Fneiche is currently pursuing film studies at the Lebanese University. Ever since she was young, her passion for cinema, theatre, music, and literature pushed her to attend workshops and carry out research. Eventually, she chose to turn her artistic interests into a career. She has worked on several video essays throughout the years, and wrote and directed a short documentary titled Tapes Began Decaying. Fneiche is currently working on her next hybrid documentary The Neverending Illumination Of Light. She also collaborates with the artist Toni Geitani, creating visuals for his musical performances. TO EAT DANDELIONS BY THE ROOTS / 2019 / 4’ DEPARTED / 2020 / 12’ THE DEATH OF GOD LEFT ANGELS IN A STRANGE POSITION / 2020/ 6’ TAPES BEGAN DECAYING / 2020 / 16’

Tapes Began Decaying

Lebanon / 2020 / 16'

When her uncle passed away in 2017, Reeda inherited his personal belongings, in which she discovered abandoned cassette tapes recorded by her family during the Lebanese civil war (1975-1990). This leads her to portray his “hauntological” journey through observational imagery and decaying soundscapes.Reeda Fneiche