Raed Andoni


Born in Palestine in 1967, Filmmaker and producer Raed Andoni has worked with independent cinema since 1997.

He is the co-founder of Dar Films, a Palestinian leading production company. He has produced and secured international distribution for a number of award-winning documentaries such as THE INNER TOUR (2000), by Ra’anan Alexandrowicz, LIVE FROM PALESTINE (2002) by Rashid Masharawi, INVASION (2003) by Nizar Hassan, among others.

Raed is also a co-founder of Les films de Zayna, a Paris-based production company. Through Zayna, he has produced several films from Middle East and North Africa.

Raed documentary as a director, IMPROVISATION (2005), produced in association with Arte, was a great success at festivals.

Andoniʼs feature, FIX ME (2009) was premiered in Sundance and Cannes, before its release in European theaters, and won several prizes around the world such as the SCAM award for “the best documentary of the year” and “Tanit d’Or” documentary in Carthage film festival 2010.