Greta Bertauskyte

Lithuanian Music ans Theatre Academy | Vilnius, Lithuania

Greta Bertauskyte studied creative communication at Vilnius University, realising a little too late that it wasn't her calling. She then decided to take a year off and enrol at FAMU in Prague to study film-making. She then moved on to the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, where she is currently studying for a master's degree in film directing. She is currently directing her 3rd hybrid short film and developing a script for a feature film.


Lithuania | 2022 | 11’

“Mommy” explores the intricate relationship between mothers and daughters, offering solace to those who have felt alone despite their shared existence. Set against the backdrop of a brief homecoming, the film intimately captures the complexities of physicality and the challenges faced by daughters raised by fragile mothers. Through silent moments and heartfelt conversations, it unveils the unspoken longing and profound emotions that define this timeless bond, reminding us that love often finds its true expression in whispers.