Teresa A. Braggs

Shristi Institute | Mumbai, India

Teresa A. Braggs (India, 1997) is an Indian filmmaker from Bangalore/ Braggs graduated with honors from the Departement of Communication Studies at the renowned Mount Carmel College in 2020. Strongly committed to the documentary form, Teresa is interested in exploring the various possibilities of non- fiction storytelling to move against the logistic of a common sence. Their first documentary feature Sab Changa Si (All Was Good) premiered at the Berlinale 2022 as part of the Forum Expanded section. Teresa's work has also been selected for screenings at EMAF Osnabrëck (Germany, 2022), the Open City Documentary Festival (UK, 2022), International Film Festival Rotterdam (Netherlands, 2023), Beldocs (Serbia, 2023) and others. In 2023, Teresa was named a Flaherty Fellow.


India | 2022 | 76’

In this debut documentary made against odds, young Indian filmmaker Teresa A Braggs’ first-person footage captured with a small camera and minimal means draws us to the very center of a contemporary political student-led movement. Against the backdrop of the government’s controversial and divisive Citizenship Amendment Act of 2019, this student documentary firmly celebrates what was built in the process. With a raw and persistent gaze, the filmmaker intimately documents complex relationships between protestors in Bangalore, India, and critically reflects on the challenges of solidarity across identities. A delightfully defiant and sensitive portrait of young people in search of a common language! The film celebrated its premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2022 as part of the Forum Expanded section. At the festival, All Was Good was nominated for the Teddy Award for Best Documentary/Essay Film and won the 37th Peace Film Award. Made with a budget of less than 60 EUR, Sab Changa Si (All Was Good) became the first Indian film to win the Peace Film Prize at the 72. Berlinale. Braggs, at the age of 24, was also the youngest filmmaker to win this award.