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Florence Miailhe

A looted village, a family on the run and two children lost on the road to exile… Kyona and Adriel are trying to escape those who are hunting them down to reach a country with a more lenient regime. On an initiatory journey taking them from childhood to adolescence, they go through many trials, both fantastic and very real, to reach their destination.
Born in 1956, Florence Miailhe is a graduate of the École nationale des arts décoratifs. She makes her films on a rostrum camera, directly under the camera, using an overlapping process. Written with Marie Desplechin, La Traversée uses paint as a fluid, richly coloured medium to tell a story of exile with contemporary resonances.

In partnership with Fotokino

Animated film for children aged 10 and over

  • Screen open to all

Technical sheet

France, Czech Republic, Germany / 2020 / 84’

Production: Dora Benousilio (Les Films de l’Arlequin), Luc Camili (XBO Films), Martin Vandas (Maur Films), Ralf Kukula (Balance Films)