• First Film Competition



Benjamin Klintoe

Much before the character, there is a story, or, it is equal, a voice that tells. The face, the body, the tattoos, the images, the swank, the gestures and the gest —film credits included— all come after, i.e. halfway through, almost randomly, where it shouldn’t be. Before the delimitation (where is what? what belongs to whom? who is who?), we cross the limits: where are we? In the USA or in the suburbs of Paris? In the South or in the past? In adolescence or in the soup? Etc. We must admit that there is what’s most important, seduction too, in this ambitious waltz of a first film where genre film and film genre, English and French, skill and clumsiness mingle. (JPR) Dan Perez Benjamin Klintoe

  • First Film Competition

Technical sheet

France, 2013, Colour, HD, 32’

Original version : french, english
Subtitles : french, english
Photography : Dan Perez, Benjamin Klintoe, Christian Lamarque
Script : Dan Perez, Benjamin Klintoe
Editing : Benjamin Klintoe, Dan Perez
Sound : Thomas Bonneau.
Casting : Ismael Lucas, Marvin Aillaud, Jean-Paul Cavallaro, Louise Ernandez

Production & distribution : KIDAM