Terms & Conditions


article 1 :
The Marseille International Film Festival is organised to promote cinema by presenting films to the public, professionals and the media.

article 2 :
The directors of the films selected in competition may be invited to the festival.

article 3 :
The films and programs submitted for the official selection must have been produced no earlier than January 1, 2022.

article 4 :
The person submitting the film must indicate whether it is a first film, short or feature.

article 5 :
For shorts (under 60 minutes), the fee is 20€
For feature (equal or more than 60 minutes), the fee is 40€

article 6 :
Long and short films may be submitted for selection.
All supports (film, video) may be submitted. Filmmakers may enter several works.

article 7 :
Anyone submitting a film guarantees the information given in the registration form.

article 8 :
Online registration forms must be completely submitted
– until January 31st, 2023 for films produced in 2022
– until March 31st, 2023 for films produced in 2023.

article 9 :
All films submitted for selection must be in original version, with French or English subtitles.
It is compulsory to register films online with at least one link (and eventually a password) properly filled in the registration form.

article 10 :
The director and the entitled persons commit themselves not to withdraw films once the festival program is publicly announced during the press conference which be held at the beginning of June 2023.

article 11 :
Films will be selected to participate in specific programs
// Official selection
* Competitions
* Other Jewels (out of competition)
// Retrospectives, tributes, thematic screens, cartes blanches and all special screenings.
The selection committee decides without appeal on the sections in which the films are presented.

article 12 :
A selection committee selects films for the Official Selection

article 13 :
Films selected may compete for:
Grand Prix of International Competition
Grand Prix of French Competition
The Georges de Beauregard National and International prize
The First Film Award
The Flash Competition Award
Centre national des arts plastiques (Cnap)(National Centre for Fine Arts) prize
The GNCR prize
The Alice Guy prize
The Renaud Victor prize
The Marseille Esperance prize
The european High School Students’ award Vacance Bleues Foundation
The Air France audience award
Other prizes may be attributed upon decision of the festival Board of Directors in agreement with and upon suggestion of juries.

article 14 :
The directors, producers, and distributors of the winning films agree to mention the prize they are awarded in press documents and promotional materials as well as during any distribution of the winning film (add festival insert on the credit titles).
The festival logo is dowloadable on our website www.fidmarseille.org

article 15 :
The two juries, International, National, are appointed by the festival crew with consultation of the board of directors. They include well-known figures from the film industry and the artistic and cultural world, in France and abroad. Voting is done by secret ballot. Decisions are based on an absolute majority for the first two votes and a relative majority for the third. No one associated in any way with the production or promotion of any film in competition may be a member of the jury.

article 16 :
The screening copy (with french or english subtitles) of the selected films should be received at the FID office by the 31th of May, 2022.
For French films, the production company or the director must send us an English subtitled copy if the film only has French dialogues and a French subtitled copy with the English dialogue list if any other language is spoken.

article 17 :
For the projection of the selected films, producers must provide the following original formats : 35 mm optical sound, DCP, Blu-ray.
If the original format is different from those listed above, the screening copy must be in one of these formats.

article 18 :
The cost of shipping of selected film copies and customs duties will be paid by the sender. The screening copy must be sent to the festival office:
FID Marseille
14 allées Léon Gambetta
13001 Marseille

The festival will pay for the return of the copies selected.

article 19 :
Insurance for the projection copies will be covered by the festival, from their reception to return. If a copy is lost or damaged during this period, festival responsibility is limited to its value. Only copies in good projection condition will be accepted.

article 20 :
The members of the non-profit organisation which coordinates the festival, will be authorized to view the selected films, on copies, within the video library located in the FID office. The festival may digitize the film copy received to store it in its electronic database.

article 21 :
The FIDMarseille aims at promoting, supporting and accompanying films selected in Official Selection after the week of the festival, through programming in France and abroad. The FID reserves right to screen selected films without rental fee in special events during the year.

article 22 :
The president of the festival association is entitled to settle all cases not specified in these regulation. Entering films for the festival is conditional upon accepting festival regulations. Only the French version of the regulation will be considered as the authentic text.