Ernesto Raimondi

The Brera Academy of Fine Arts | Milan, Italy

Ernesto Raimondi (Italy, 1997) studied visual arts at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. For him, the act of filming can be likened to the performative practice of art. It is sometimes necessary to subject the body to a considerable psycho-physical effort in order to obtain the purest possible result. In his work, he needs to insinuate himself into the social fabric, recounting reality and its unpredictability.


Italy / 2022 / 58’

The work documents, without external commentary, scenes of everyday life that take place all or almost all, near Via Francesco Saverio Correra, a popular district of Naples known as « il Cavone ».
An extremely intimate look, in a place almost hidden by the tuff quarries. A visual tale of life stories that give back a kaleidoscopic vision of the place.
Rosaria, an elderly lady very believer, who before going to bed, needs through a devotional ritual, to « greet » all the iconic / religious figures present in the house.
A group of children has been preparing for days to light, as every year: the « stone of St. Anthony » a purify bonfire.