Sheng Chun Huang, Lo Yi Hsueh

Taiwan Film Institute | Tapei, Taiwan

Sheng-Chun Huang (Taiwan,1990) is a native filmmaker based in Taipei. Huang, currently studying at the Graduate Institute of Documentary &Film Archiving of the TNNUA, is a experienced, from directing, script-writing to camera-operating. His film has already been selected for many festivals in Taiwan. One of the film, Relife, is awarded as the best student documentary in the Golden harvest award this year. Huang has focused on the history and human right in Taiwan for a long time. As a versatile storyteller, he has deep faith in combing fictions, documentaries and experimental films to present unique features of Taiwan. Hsueh Lo Yi (Taiwan, 1996) after completing her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, she finished her first short documentary film From Nan-Kan to Nei-Li in 2019, which is inspired by her family stories. Then she moved to Tainan to pursue her Master’s degree in documentary film. She is interested in exploring the boundary between reality and fiction through various mixed forms.Her focus lies in depicting themes of loss, memory and struggle


Taiwan | 2022 | 15’

Jintaro used to design tombs, he had no choice but to clean up the cemetery when fewer people chose burial. He always goes to the Nanshan Cemetery after breakfast. He cuts the grass around his wife’s tomb, cleans up the surroundings, and examines each grave alongside the path he walked.
After he passes away, the path that Jintaro used to walk, and his wife’s grave, which has not been swept anymore.
On this day, Jintaro returns to the Nanshan Cemetery, where he spent half his life step by step.