Roua Salah

ESAC | Tunis, Tunisia

Roua Salah (Tunisia, 1996) based in Tunisia, began her career perfecting her skills at the prestigious Institut International du Cinema et de l’Audiovisuel (IINA), where she obtained a degree in cinematography and audiovisual editing. She then went on to complete a Master’s degree in cinema at ESAC GAMMART. She sees cinema, or the audiovisual medium, as a powerful tool for social discourse. She strives to create films that engage artistically with reality, firmly believing in cinema’s ability to adresse social issues. Its ultimate aim is to produce innovative films that offer a fresh perspective on reality and leave a lasting impact on audiences.


Tunisia | 2022 | 10’

A 16 year old boy living in the south of Tunisia on the Libyan borders left his school and took smuggling as a job, not because of poverty but due to being influenced by his social environment where smuggling is everywhere, and just like that he takes charge and responsibility of his own self.