Maria Drandaki / Homemade Films

FOCUS 2020 / Grèce

Maria Drandaki

Productrice : Homemade Films

Maria Drandaki a fondé son propre label de production Homemade Films en 2009. Avec un goût pour le cinéma pointu, avant-gardiste et innovant, Maria a produit et coproduit plusieurs courts et longs métrages à succès, qui ont participé et remporté des prix dans de nombreux festivals de films internationaux et ont été distribué en salle et diffusé sur les chaînes de télévision et les plateformes du monde entier. Elle est membre des réseaux de producteurs EAVE et ACE.

Homemade Films

La filmographie de Homemade Films inclue des longs métrages de renommée internationale : Homeland (Venice IFF 2010), A Blast (Locarno IFF 2014) & The Miracle Of The Sargasso Sea (Berlinale 2019) et Interruption (Venice IFF 2015), des courts métrages multi-récompensés Limbo (Cannes 2016) et Electric Swan (Venice IFF 2019) de Konstantina Kotzamani, ainsi que A Drowning Man de Mahdi Fleifel (Cannes 2017) et le premier long métrage Her Job (Toronto IFF 2018) de Nikos Labôt.


Future Tenses

Feature film / Directed by Christos Karakepelis / Financing / Homemade Films (Greece), Sister Productions (France) / Budget: 409 000 € / Financing in place: 116 000 €

The sad systematization of Europe that causes asphyxiation and prophesizes poverty. The spectacular future vision of China that indoctrinates crowds of people in the dream and epically surges into the world. Two completely foreign languages compete within one port, whose workers are both their witnesses and prey: in Piraeus. And from there, a journey begins: in their lives, on earth, and in the lives of small, everyday people like them.


Feature film /  Directed by Yorgos Zois / Financing / Homemade Films (Greece), Red Carpet (Bulgaria), Xova Films (Czech Republic) / Budget: 900 000 €/ Financing in place: 270 000 €

A struggling couple embarking on a banal summer holiday switches partners with a female acquaintance and a male stranger. Two parallel love stories emerge in a dream house by the sea that appears to be haunted.


Feature film / Directed by Sofia Exarhou / Development / Homemade Films (Greece) / Budget: 994 000 € / Financing in place: 20 000 €

A group of animateurs performs every night on the stage of Hotel Mirage, on the coast of a Greek island. As summer intensifies, the fiesta becomes fiercer, more daring. The nights turn violent, and the pop trance of flamboyance gives way to the rough void of yet another drunken extravaganza. A wild summer story is revealed in the darkness. But when the spotlights are on again, their show must go on.