Video library

Press / Pro

This year, the festival is setting up a professional dematerialized online video library. It will be available from July 9 to 15. You will receive an email before the festival with your login details and the login address. You can then connect wherever you are and from any computer. However, to allow access to the video library for people who do not own a computer or tablet, 6 viewing stations will be available at the Mucem throughout the festival from 9:30 am to 7 pm (6 pm on the last day).

Access to the online video library is strictly reserved for holders of a professional, press or guest

The list of films available at the video library is in the Industry guide, at your disposal at the accreditation desk or downloadable on our website.

It is best to book in advance a station and a time slot, especially for the last two days of the festival. Reservations can be made at the video library or by email at