Mika Biermann


Mika Biermann was born in 1959, far from the sea, in the small town of Bielefeld in northern Germany. After his studys of Fine Arts in West-Berlin he moved to Marseille to learn french. Little by little he abandons painting in favor of writing, less cumbersome. His first book written in french, Les trente jours de Marseille, was released by “Climats” in 1996, a second, a crime story intiteld Ville propre, some years later by “La Tangente”, followed by three novels for P.O.L-editions (Palais à volonté 2014, Mikki et le village miniature 2015, Sangs 2017) and six novels for Anacharsis-editions (Un Blanc 2013, Booming 2015, Roi. 2017, Trois jours dans la vie de Paul Cézanne 2020, Trois nuits dans la vie de Berthe Morisot 2021, TEKE 2021). In the meantime, to earn a living, he became a broadminded mediator for the museums of Marseille, and currently holds, part-time, the position of Assistant de Conservation at the Longchamp Fine Art Museum. He translated Jacques Durand’s articles on bullfighting into German (Die Welt der Stiere, The world of bulls, Vienna 2010). He is also the German translator of La peinture à Dora by François le Lionnais. When he is not writing, he draws, filling notebook after notebook…