Dominique Auvray


I was born in La Rochelle, at the edge of the Atlantic in 1950. High school degree of Philosophy and then Paris, Bachelor of English at the Sorbonne and a school of interpreters and translators.

And immediately after, the cinema, full time. Like script girl but very little and as assistant editor.

Cinema happened when I was 15 years old. There was a boy in La Rochelle whom I loved very much and who loved only cinema. So I liked the cinema. Here.

He came to Paris to do the IDHEC, I came too.

Cinematheque all day, so much so that I saw some black and white films in color.

So cinema and meetings, Benoît Jacquot, Philippe Garrel, Marguerite Duras, Barbet Schroeder.

And later Claire Denis and Wim Wenders.

And later still Vincent Dieutre, Nobuhiro Suwa and Pedro Costa.

I summarize.

Beautiful movies that I loved to ride, The Truck, The Beggars, Freedom Night, Koko the gorilla that speaks, Does not care death, Fragments on grace, A Perfect Couple, Casa de lava, The House of Vanda .

And also Thomas Bauer, Valerie Jouve, Arnold Pasquier, Valerie Massadian, Yto Barrada, Nicolas Cilins and Pierre Thoretton.

One day too, I wanted to make a movie myself. To talk about Marguerite Duras, my friend. I made Marguerite as herself.

And I just finished another film about her, Duras and the cinema.

No I’m not monomaniac, it’s rather chance.

What I really want is to do my Japanese movie.

And also continue to edit other people’s movies. “