Astrid Adverbe


Originally from the South West of France, Astrid Adverbe was born in Madagascar and grew up in the West Indies. Coming from the theater, she played the main parts of several Paul Vecchiali films (including White nights on the pier, C’est l’amour, Train of lives or Angélique’s travels – released in cinemas on May 30th 2018). And as well in films of Pascale Bodet (Porte sans clef, FID 2018), Pamela Varela (El viaje de Ana FID 2014), Nicolas Leclere, Pierre Merejkowsky, Marina Déak and Boris Lehman.
Along with her acting career, she has directed her personal projects -questquests- In Mé Damné, she tries a family rapprochement with her old uncle, a “red” aristocrat. In Ma fleur maladive, she goes looking into an abortive friendship. Both films were released in theaters in 2014. She is writing her next film: La cicatrice oubliée.
She’s also the french voice of Gilly (Hannah Murray) in the Game of thrones series.