Jean Boiron-Lajous

Billie and Coco, two eight-year-old outlaws and budding development protesters, live autonomously in a forest where making huts is strictly forbidden by public authorities. Although their den might be discovered any time by the Big Bad Riot Police and their bulldozer, one day at a time, they build their utopia of mutual care and sweet escape, between illnesses that don’t kill you but make you stronger, and trances filmed in slow motion, to the sound of pop music. Hard-won moments of freedom, to start over and over again.

Jean Boiron-Lajous

Technical sheet

France / 2018 / Color / 33'

Original version: French. Subtitles: English. Script: Elina Gakou Gomba, Jean Boiron-Lajous. With : Adam Nottaris, Aima Lian.

Production: Prima Luce (Loïc Legrand).

Distribution: Line 7 (Timothée Donay).

Filmography: La mémoire et la mer, 2012, Terra di Nessuno, 2015.