Monika Borgmann

Lokman Slim

Hermann Theissen

“In 1982 the images of the MASSACRE perpetrated in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon shook the world. Most of the perpetrators were members of the Lebanese Forces, a Christian militia. What led these men to commit such atrocities? Six of them speak their minds. Through its content and aesthetic vision the film analyzes the phenomenon of collective violence from a psychopolitical point of view.” Andrée Wenzek

“In an impressive manner, the film shows how under the frightful circumstances of a civil war men end up losing all human, moral or ethical values.” (Comment of the jury of the FIPRESCI Prize in the Panorama of the Berlin International Film Festival)
Monika Borgmann, Lokman Slim, Hermann Theissen

Technical sheet

2004 Colour Mini-DV 99’
Directors: Monika Borgmann, Lokman Slim & Hermann Theissen.
Original version: Arabic.
Subtitles : english
Photography : Nina Menkes.
Editing : Anne de Mo, Bernd Euscher.
Music : FM Einheit.
Production : Lichtblick Film.
Distribution : Zootrope Films.