• Retrospective to Whit Stillman


Whit Stillman

Lady Susan, an expert seductress, wants to make two beautiful marriages: her own and that of her daughter. A period comedy set in late 18th-century England, inspired by Jane Austen.

“It was such a pleasure doing this work in a real setting. Again, I hate studios. The director has a lot more freedom on location because everything is there, you can choose the objects you like best, arrange them the way you want in these spaces that have been built and designed by different people over the centuries, who have done it really well. You’re not relying on a production designer who quickly draws things you don’t like, then you have say that you don’t like them, what you would prefer, and so on. All that’s very tiresome. There, in those Irish castles, everything is authentic and I worked with wonderful people on the sets and costumes. This time, it was very easy to make a real period movie. Finding the castles, hiring the carriages, the horses, designing the costumes. I found it delightful.” (WS)

From Whit Stillman : Not so long ago, Fireflies Press / FIDMarseille, coll. “One, Two, Many”, 2023

  • Retrospective to Whit Stillman

Technical sheet

Ireland, France, Netherlands / 2016 / 92'

Production: Whit Stillman (Westerly Films), Laurane Bourrachot (Chic Films), Katie Holly (Blinder Films)