FIDLab regulations

Article 1
FIDLab, the international coproduction platform of the FIDMarseille, arose from a desire to help jump-start the production of fragile and unusual works. Neither a market nor a forum for promotion, the FIDLab wants to create a dynamic framework where production and artistic activities can intersect and expand. Selected filmmakers will be invited for the duration of the FIDLab where they will be able to benefit from the privileged environment offered by the festival, thereby increasing their production potential.

Article 2
The FIDLab will select film projects from those submitted and will organize for each director/producer individual meetings with producers, distributors, sellers, and international sponsors. After the festival, the FIDLab will provide a follow-up for contacts, accompanying the filmmakers and producers until their films are finished.

Article 3
There will be an annual call for entries and registration will be online on the website of the festival Registration fee is 40 €.

Article 4
Selection in the FIDLab is open to persons from all countries and to projects of fiction as well as documentaries, whether they are at the stage of writing, development or post-production.

Each application must include the following elements:

  • Director’s biofilmography
  • Profile of the production company and producer’s biofilmography (if any)
  • Long version of the synopsis – Director’s statement
  • Detailed budget of the project
  • Financial outline for the project, indicating what percentage of the financing is already in place
  • Statement by the sponsors (producers, television networks, distributors, and financiers)
  • Links to director’s previous films.

Decisions will be made based on: the quality of the project, previous works, and the producer’s commitment to the project.
The selection in the FIDLab will be announced on the website of the FIDMarseille,

Article 5
The directors/producers of the selected projects agree to furnish to the staff of the FIDLab the necessary elements for the promotion of their projects to be included in the FIDLab catalogue.

Article 6
The FIDLab catalogue, sent to international professionals all over the world in order to organize and prepare individual meetings, will also be available as a pdf on the website of the FIDMarseille, as soon as the selection has been made.

Article 7
 Prior to the event, the FIDLab staff will arrange individual meetings. Upon arrival in Marseille, each director/producer will be given a schedule of meetings that they agree to respect.

Article 8
During the festival, filmmakers are expected to make a public presentation of their projects. The idea is to show images or visual references that will help to understand the film in gestation; this may include rushes, clips from other films as potential influences, composed photos, and other elements that will enable the viewer to better understand the project.

Article 9
Selected filmmakers are invited to the FIDLab (based on a lump sum amount allocated for travel and accommodation) during its duration and will participate in the event. They are active participants in the daily program of films, meetings and events.

Article 10 :All films that result from a project presented at the FIDLab must include in its credits the following credit:
Project presented at the FIDLab + FIDLab logo.