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FIDlab is a workspace around selected film projects in response to an international call, to offer directors the opportunity for dynamic meetings with producers, support funds, broadcasters, distributors.

Each year, 10 international projects are selected, without criteria of format, duration, subject, fiction and documentary, whether at the stage of writing, development or post-production.

The FIDLab takes place in two stages: after an oral and visual presentation of the projects to the professional public, a day of individual interviews is held. Different from a market or promotion forum, the FIDLab allows project leaders to give us to see images (locations, rushes, first montages) but also artistic and cinematographic influences, which will feed our apprehension of their film in the making.

In an abundant international context, the FIDLab wishes to strengthen selected projects not only according to their artistic quality and creativity, in line with the editorial line of FIDMarseille, but also their potential for international circulation and access to the market.




selected projects


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FIDLab Prizes

Price endowed by the company Air France. The winner will receive 2 long-haul tickets.

Award offered by the Camargo Foundation, home of artists, researchers and thinkers based in Cassis, which will welcome the award-winning director between 4 to 8 weeks.

A prize will be awarded by the Mactari post-production studio for a project produced or co-produced by a French production company. This prize worth € 15,000 includes the provision of a mixing auditorium and / or a sound editing room, without a technician.

The subtitling company Sublimages will offer subtitling to the winning film of the award it will deliver. (translation / adaptation and tracking of subtitles, to one of these 3 languages: English, French, Spanish).

Price offered by Commune Image, cinematographic pole offering among others post-production services. This prize consists of 8 weeks of editing for a project produced or co-produced by a French production company.

Prize awarded by the post-production company Micro Climat, which will offer the laureate post-production work (image editing, sound editing, calibration, conformation) to be chosen by the laureate.

The post-production company Vidéo de Poche will offer the winning project the creation of the film’s DCP. It will also offer a discount for the creation of DCPs for all selected projects.

This award consists on celluloid reels offered by Kodak
and their development by Silverway Paris for an european project.

Prize endowed by the Casa de Velázquez, an artistic creation and research centre based in Madrid which will offer the award-winning director a 2-month residency. In this framework, ECAM, School of Cinematography and Audiovisual of the Community of Madrid, will make its filming and editing equipment available to the winner as part of its OPEN ECAM programme.

This new prize endowed by Culori, a post-production laboratory, will offer a residency in South Corsica, for a maximum duration of 15 days to carry out color grading on a 4K monitor with (or without) a dedicated technician.

This new award offers a writing residency for a month in Corsica on the Providenza field in the presence of international artists in residence or workshops (artists, philosophers, musicians, filmmakers, writers).