FOCUS 2020 / Greece


In his preface to Le Cinéma Grec (1999, Editions du Centre Pompidou), the film critic Michel Démopoulo describes Greek cinematic production as “[focused] on the past, the political and social, a place of expressive and ideologic reflection on the representation of history or the memory of tradition, whether a cinephilic gaze, realist approach, or poetic revelation, it is a fragmented cinema, polymorphic, in search of itself through its multiple experiences, which sometimes finds an original way or vision of Greece specific to its author, without rejecting the affirmation of a cultural identity.”

This notion of a fragmented cinema became largely established in the years since the 2000s and at the height of the economic crisis, and is today visible in international selections.

From 2014 to 2020, a Franco-Greek film fund launched by the CNC and Greek Cinema Centre has existed to support production. Continuing this momentum, we have chosen to welcome the producers Maria Drandaki from Homemade Film, Amanda Livanou from Neda Film, and the producer Konstantinos Vassilaros from StudioBauhaus for this first phase dedicated to the Greek film industry, which will be extended into 2021 through the invitation of a delegation of professionals to Marseille.