For the public

The festival offers to the public various complementary possibilities to apprehend the films outside the projection rooms

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On each film internet page, interviews with directors of selected films, juries.


The agoras

At the end of the screenings, find the director(s) of the film you just saw, ask him/her questions, share your emotions, clear up shadows.

Prizes awarded by the public

Air France Audiance Award

FIDMarseille and Air France are glad to launch together the Audience Award. The audience will judge the films in International, National and First films competitions.

The award is sponsored by Air France.

Highschool Award

The prize is awarded by a jury of 15 highschool students to one of the films in the International, French and First Film competitions. In partnership with Aix-Marseille Academy University.

Renaud Victor Award

The charity Lieux Fictifs, the Masters Course on Careers in Documentary filmmaking “Métiers
du film documentaire” at Aix-Marseille University and FIDMarseille are proud to join forces in bringing the festival to the heart of Les Baumettes prison in Marseille.
A selection of 9 films in competition are presented to a voluntary group of inmates in
agreement with the Marseille Prison Management. They watch all the films in the
programme and, if they so wish, make up members of the jury.

The Prize is sponsored by the CNC in the context of buying copyright for the catalogue
Images de la Culture.

Marseille Espérance Award

Awarded by the Marseille Espérance Jury to a film in the International and French
Active for over 20 years, the charity Marseille Espérance is taking part in the FIDMarseille again this year, sharing the same goal of highlighting the importance of getting to know the unknown.

The Prize is sponsored by the City of Marseille.