International Competition Award

Awarded by the international competition jury.
Amount: 10 000€

French Competition Award

Awarded by the french competition jury.
Amount: 5000€

Georges De Beauregard Award

Georges De Beauregard International Award
Awarded to a film in the international Competition.
The prize is endowed in kind by the company Vidéo de poche for an amount of 7000€ in post-production.

Georges De Beauregard National Award
Awarded to a film in the french competition.
The prize is endowed in kind by the company Vidéo de poche for an amount of 7000€ in post-production.

Chantal de Beauregard created the Georges de Beauregard award as a tribute to her father, film producer Georges de Beauregard. In order to create a more relevant and lasting legacy, she chose to integrate the award to FID, as George de Beauregard was born in Marseille and his mother’s family was from this city. In 2001, FID launched the national and international Georges de Beauregard awards. Born in the Saint-Jérôme neighbourhood in Marseille, George de Beauregard produced short, medium-length and feature films, some of which are celebrated as documents that captured both history and their time:
La passe du diable after Jean-Pierre Kessel’s novel (1957), Jean-Luc Godard’s “Le petit soldat” (1960) on the algerian war, or classics such as “Breathless” (A bout de souffle) , “Cleo from 5 to 7” and “Pierrot le fou”.

First Film Award

Awarded by the First Film competition / CNAP jury to a first film in either the International Competition, French Competition or Ecrans Parallèles.
The prize is endowed by the Région Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur for an amount of 3000€.

Flash Competition Award

Awarded by the Flash Competition Jury.
Amount: 2000€

CNAP (National Centre For Visual Arts) Award

The CNAP award rewards a film from the International, French or First Film competition. It is attributed by a jury of 3 professionnals.
The award is sponsored by the CNAP for an amount of 4000€.

GNCR award

Awarded to a film from the various selections by a jury of exhibitors appointed by the GNCR, in the form of support for distribution in France (publication by the GNCR of a document and programming of the film in the group’s cinemas).

Alice Guy Prize

Alice Guy was the first female filmmaker in the world. She is little known today, regardless of her prestigious and prolific career. Created in her memory in 2018, the Alice Guy Prize aims at highlighting the work of female directors by rewarding a feature film made by a woman.
In addition to this first prize, the FID’s Alice Guy Prize will go to a female director in the Flash Competition.
Prize endowed by the Ministère de la Culture for an amount of 1500€.

Renaud Victor Award

With support from the Inter-Regional Directorate of Prison Services of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) and Corsica, the marseille prison centre and the Centre National du Cinéma (CNC), the association “Lieux Fictifs” partnered with the masters course in documentary filmmaking of Aix-Marseille University and with FIDMarseille to bring the film festival to the prison of Marseille Les Baumettes. Ten films from the competition will be selected based on their potential interest and suitability, and presented to a voluntary audience of inmates. The participants who have watched the entire programme will have the opportunity to become jury members and nominate a laureate. Each film will be presented by students from aix-marseille university and where possible by their director.
The award is endowed by the CNC, who purchases the rights for the laureate film for their “images de la culture” catalogue for worth 7000€.

Renaud Victor (1946-1991) Filmmaker and actor, he conducts a long work on autism with Fernand Deligny and directed “Ce gamin là” (1975), “Fernand Deligny, a propos d’un film à faire” (1989) ). His latest film “De jour comme de nuit” (1991) is an immersion of two years in the daily life of the Baumettes prison.

Joseph Cesarini and Caroline Caccavale (directors / founders of Fictional Places) collaborate in the production of this film. Their meeting with Renaud Victor will be decisive in the action they will take on the image in prison at the Penitentiary Center in Marseille.

Marseille Espérance Award

The Marseille Espérance prize is awarded by the Marseille Espérance Jury to one of the film in the French, International or First film competitions. The Marseille Espérance Jury is made up of students from the Second Chance School in Marseilles.
The prize is sponsored by the city of Marseilles for an amount of 2000€.

Highschool Award

The prize is awarded by a jury of 15 highschool students from Aix-Marseille Academy University and from Hanover to one of the films in the International, French and First film competitions. In partnership with the Aix-Marseille Academy and Aix-Marseille Provence Metropole.
The award is sponsored by Agnès b for an amount of 1500€.

Air France Audience Award

The audience will rate the films in International, French and First films competitions. The film with the highest score will receive the audience award.
The Prize is endowed in kind by Air France in the form of a medium-haul plane ticket.

Acting award

Last year we initiated Flash, a new competition for short films which we will continue in light of the richness and diversity of the proposals, and this year we are launching another award. In order to recognise the contributions of actors and actresses, as many of our counterparts already do, we have chosen to entrust the juries of the International, National, Premier CNAP competitions with the task of choosing one award-winner from their selection. In keeping with the times, we have chosen not to award separate prizes based on gender.