Ingrid Caven Rétrospective

« The rare mystery of certain presences on stage was the most important thing, much more important than what we call a life. ».
Jean-Jacques Schuhl, Ingrid Caven, 2000.
So says the writer about the woman who shares his life. This rare mystery is also the mystery of Ingrid Caven’s presence on screen, from Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s first films in the late 1960s to those she still plays in five decades later. This is the mystery of beings who never allow themselves to be domesticated, whose aura transforms and transfigures the image or song which receives its brilliance.

Ingrid Caven sings, but she is more than a singer: since her first show in 1976, staged by Werner Schroeter, each of her performances has been the invention of a new form, electric shortcuts through the history of singing. Breathtaking vocals and acrobatic gestures, risky figures on a tightrope between extremes, from Brahms to Kraftwerk, from the street to opera.

Ingrid Caven acts, but she is more than an actress. A subversive iconic figure for the public, – she was a force of inspiration and an incomparable work partner for some of the greatest filmmakers of the ’70s – Schroeter, Fassbinder, Schmid.

From June 25 to 30, Ingrid Caven will be the guest of FIDMarseille for a program retracing over fifty years of acting and singing. Masterpieces by Eustache (My Little Loves), Schmid (La Paloma), Fassbinder (In a Year of 13 Moons), rare and/or little-known films, never-before-screened filmed performances, surprise listening sessions, encounters…