Isabel Machado & Christine Reeh-Peters / Producer

A recognized haven for innovative filmmaking, * C.R.I.M. produces short and feature fiction films, creative documentaries, television programs and visual arts projects. * C.R.I.M.’s portfolio includes films by Ana Moreira, André Gil Mata, Aya Korezky, Carlos Conceição, Carlos Gomes, Christine Reeh, David Bonneville, Frederico Mesquita, Inês Gil, Inês Oliveira, Jeanne Waltz, Joaquim Pinto, Jorge Cramez, Leonor Noivo, Marcelo Felix, Marta Mateus, Miguel Clara Vasconcelos, Nathalie Mansoux, Philippe Costantini, Raquel Castro, Rita Azevedo Gomes, Sofia Marques, Tatiana Macedo, Teresa Garcia, Vasco Araújo.
Isabel Machado works as producer of films and artistic projects at *C.R.I.M. ( since 2005 where she is responsible for the development, production and distribution of both documentary and fiction films, as well as of visual arts projects. She has a degree in Communication Design from the Lisbon University. Studied Visual Arts at Maumaus School of Photography and Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art at the Lisbon University. Finalist of the workshops EAVE 2005 and EURODOC 2008, she is currently developing her PhD on Arts (Performing and Moving Image Arts) at the Lisbon University. She was also a lecturer at Portuguese Film School ESTC and makes part of the board of Apordoc – Portuguese Documentary Association.
Christine Reeh-Peters is filmmaker and holds a PhD in philosophy. She is a co-founder of C.R.I.M. where she worked for 15 years as director and producer. Since 2019 she has been junior professor for artistic research at the Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF in Potsdam, Germany, focusing in film and philosophy. She publishes regularly in the field of film philosophy and leads the project Filmography as author and director includes Waiting for Europe (2006), Mother Fátima (2009), Kinotel (2009) and The Chronicles of Polyaris (2015).

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Directed by Christine Reeh / Fiction / 90’ / Project status: script and development / Production: *C.R.I.M. (Portugal) / Budget: 900 000 € / Acquired budget: 0 €

A story about love, madness and death in the contemporary world of digital technology. Can we decide to go mad? Can madness be contagious? Or is reality inconsistent and dependent on our perception? Can we survive without others? Two university students, Ana and Mário, want to test their relationship with reality by entering a voluntary strange experience of self-confinement. Surrounded by a deep forest and focusing entirely on a computer strategy game, reality blurs with fantasy and slowly they experience spheres that have not been visible before.

Directed by Christine Reeh and Isabel Machado / 80’ / Project status: script and development / Production: * C.R.I.M. (Portugal) / Budget: 300 000 € / Acquired budget: 0 €

A reflective film essay, a machine of though, presented in tableau-form, composed by digital postcards on video format. Inspired by Donna Haraway the film is about a future of response-ability to inhabit the n-dimensional niche space called Earth or Terrapolis. We look for “real stories that are also speculative fabulations and speculative realisms. (…) stories in which multispecies players, who are enmeshed in partial and flawed translations across difference, redo ways of living and dying attuned to still possible finite flourishing, still possible recuperation.”

Directed by Carlos Gomes / 90’ / Project status: production / Production: * C.R.I.M. (Portugal) / Budget: 150 000 € / Acquired budget: 99 000 €

In the 11th century, there was a powerful and sensitive man, Al-Mu’tamid Ibn Abbad, whose personality became mythological. His life took place in the territory today divided by Portugal, Spain and Morocco. In the 21st century, a contemporary man undertakes the journey through this territory in search of the myth. As the journey unfolds, the traveler embodies the figure and personality of the poet king dialoguing with those he meets on the way, assimilating the issues that he struggled with, the feelings and contradictions he lived, questioning himself. Time is made of cycles. So are we.