Lin Shih-Chieh

California Institute of the Arts | USA

Lin Shih-Chieh is an artist and filmmaker whose work focuses on the theme of memory, psychogeography, and the reconstruction of histories. He earned his MFA in Film and Video from California Institute of the Arts, where he found a bridge across visual arts and experimental cinema. He currently works on the project inspired by the 18th century Frenchman George Psalmanazar’s fictional ethnography of Taiwan, attempting to picture contemporary Taiwan in the postcolonial context.


USA, Taiwan, 2015, 25’

« Xinyiwood is a poem written by the Chinese poet Wang Wei in the 8th century; the poem depicts the unseen ephemeral existence of the blos-som of magnolia flowers in the mountain. In Los Angeles Chinatown, a place not far from Hollywood, the Chinese cinema and the entertain-ment business were once prosperous until the early 90s. Now the movie theater is abandoned, along with the forgotten places of collective memories. The resonance from the old cinema melds the past and the future, swaying back and forth between multiple memory space. At least, the cinematic ghost is therefore summoned. » Lin Shih-Chieh