Ayman Nahle

Ashkal Alwan | The Lebanese association for Plastic arts | Beirut | Lebanon

Ayman Nahle initially studied Cinematography in Beirut. Since 2007 he has been working in video as DOP editor and direc-tor. His work as DOP include the films of Anton Vidokle’s “The fall of Artists’ Re-public” and “The Communist Revolution caused by the sun”, and “immortality and resurrection for all” also his work as Visual Artist (live visual performances) in collaboration with many Artist and musicians. “Now: End of Season” is his first short film as director, and he prepare for new film.


Lebanon, Syria, 2015, 20’

Garage Izmir is in the middle of the long migratory journey that thousands of Syrian refugees pass through daily to take the sea route to Europe, after a long wait in Turkey. Will this journey be delayed one more day?Ayman Nahle