Paul Heintz

Le Fresnoy | Studio National des Arts Contemporains | Tourcoing

Born in 1989 in Saint-Avold (France), a Fine Arts graduate at Beaux-Arts de Nancy and Arts Décoratifs de Paris. Paul Heintz’s field of action is a bizarre set of cases where what is real is largely imbued with fiction, and where social nor-mativity also makes its weight entirely felt. There is an inherent toxicity to im-agination and fiction when they combine their approval of the social norm, as is the case with storytelling for example. From there, Paul Heintz enters the logic of fiction, takes it futher and lets through redeeming current. His work goes through object, sound, video and installation has been presented at con-temporary art event such as Le Salon de Montrouge, Paris Nuit Blanche, the festival of young european photography Circulation(s). He is currently living and working in Paris as well as in Lille in France, where he is a student at Le Fresnoy-Studio national des arts contemporains.


France, 2015, 16’

Autodis is a firm selling cars and car accessories as all the others except its employees work virtually. This film is a documentary about a fiction hidden in the reality: the training enterprise. It is a teaching device allowing unemployed people to train themselves simulating office work. When job offers come to lack, why not simulate? How far this simulation is going? Paul Heintz