Nicole Renard

ESADMM | École Supérieure d’Art et de Design de Marseille Méditerranée | Marseille

Born in Stockholm in 1990, Nicole Renard moved to Paris in 2009. After playing around in the French territory for couple of years, and Malaysia for six months, She decided to start Art studies in 2012. Her approach of art, sculpture, painting, poetry or film is the construction of narration. Her work is alive with History, memory, imagination. Since 2016, Nicole Renard has got into gender studies. « Woman, Man, Feminine, Masculine, Hetero, Homo, Trans, Queer… A peculiar subject as there’s nowt so queer as folk! (There is nothing as strange as people).»


France, 2016, 20’

The discrepancy of true and false between a thing that happens in reality and the recollection of it. Here is a memory counted through dialogue:
Two young women are sitting in a living room. After listening to music, one of them starts telling a story that happened to her with a man. She speaks freely, tells the details of the scenes. This story is linked with the one of the first intersexual person declared “neutral sex” by a court in France in 2015.Nicole Renard