Achwak El Horchani

ISAMM Higher Institute of Multimedia Arts of Manouba | Tunis, Tunisia

Achwak El Horchani (Tunisia, 2000) is a multi-faced young artist. She completed her Bachelor's degree in Literature, before moving to Tunis and starting his academic career in ISAMM, the Higher Institute of Multimedia Arts of Manouba. She seeks to discover new forms of narrative and storytelling in cinema, inspired by all other forms of art, literature, theater, dance, sculpture and photography. During her studies, she wrote and made several short films where she combined various means of artistic expression, such as poetry, theatre and cinema.


ISAMM, Tunis | Tunisia / 2021 / 10’

Issa and his friend go out every night to wander… They always take the same itinerary from the house to the park, until one day… In few situations, through a theatrical representation of a personal state of mind, questions arise : « What am I really? What do I carry? ».