Tina Daurova

HFBK Academy of Fine Arts | Hamburg, Germany

Tina Daurova (Russia, 1994) has a background in classical music, visual arts and amateur photography. Filmmaking found a way into her life as a creative wish to extend a still image - to capture movement and shifts in states. At the moment Tina Daurova is exploring the possibilities of documentary filmmaking and what it means to capture something authentically. She is about to travel to North Ossetia-Alania to film her graduation work for HFBK Hamburg.


HFBK Academy of Fine Arts Hamburg | Germany / 2022 / 28’

Russia. My hometown. Peeling off wallpapers. Grandparents’ flat. Now my parents live here. Once or twice a year I come to visit them. Like my mother says, “for parents, you always stay children”, and there is truth in it. I wonder and attempt being present. » A dive into the past and a reflection through the present.