Yu-An Jao

Taiwan Film Institute | Taipei, Taiwan

Yu-An Jao (Taiwan, 1997) is an artist and animation director currently based in Taipei, Taiwan. She obtained a bachelor degree from Taipei National University of the Arts in 2020. She has already been selected for two international film festivals, both for her previous film, Sofa_r and for her last film, Extravagantly Ordinary Night, which was awarded with the Best Taiwan Award, Special Jury Award, during the Kuandu International Animation Festival (2020). She is fascinated by forms such as illustration, graphic novel, animation, and video, focusing on the depiction of “memories”, “losing” and “emotions”.


Taiwan Film Institute, Taipei | Taiwan / 2020 / 6’

Her bright world became dark after losing sight. One day, a meeting so many times expected comes…. leading to this extravagantly ordinary night. Through delicate drawings, Yu-An Jao depicts her inner journey.