Chuxun Ran

Le Fresnoy | Tourcoing, France

Chuxun Ran (China, 1993) is graduated of Le Fresnoy, France’s national contemporary arts studio. Coming from an academic career in the Fine Arts, she worked as exhibition curator and she already took part in two international residency in Taiwan and in the USA. She mainly practices moving images (videos and video installations), and crosses the notion of reality and fiction. Her work goes beyond the question of documentaries, docu-fiction and fiction ... The issues address both the social field and that of the intimate.


Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing | France / 2021 / 18’

The house is empty, but its address still exists. Time takes it away and I am left with only shapeless shreds. » While time escapes, only the images remain in memory. The film takes the option of playing with their multiple modalities of appearance and perception.