Elina Chared

Aix-Marseille University | Marseille, France

Elina Chared (born in 1994 in Grenoble) graduated at the Superior School of Art and Design of Nancy (France), her artistic practice tackles visual arts. In 2017, she specialized in Cinema and pursued an MA in Documentary Film at Aix-Mar- seille University (France). During her research on alternatives to psychiatric treatments and the Hearing Voices Movement, she made acquaintance with Marianne. Marianne became the protagonist of Elina Chared’s first film The voices from inside, realised in 2019.


France / 25' / 2019

The face of Marianne defies the notion of age. She seems to bear the marks of several lives. Marianne uses her diagnoses and peers to shape a personal rela- tionship with the psychological disorder that affects her. She creates and re- creates herself, performs and sometimes loses faith, but always gets back up. Captured in some instants of her daily life, she discloses her intimate cohabitation with the voices she hears. A portrait of a woman who fights to exist and live with a singularity that is part of her.Elina Chared