Wiame Awres

Ateliers Béjaïa Docs | Bejaïa, Algeria

Wiame Awres grew up in Algiers, and is a botanical pharmacist and feminist activist. She combines art and involvement under different forms: poetry, painting, and cinema, with her first film Bnett El Djeblia released in 2019.


Algérie / 40' / 2019

How to transmit an experience? Wiame Awres questions in the film the history of her mother Turquia and her grandmother Khadidja El Djeblia, a mountain woman and resistance fighter. Khadidja El Djeblia was interned in a mental hospital after she fought in the resistance during the Algerian civil war. Her daughters Turquia and Aicha were separated from their mother and joined a center for children of martyrs, where they received an artistic training and where Turquia became a classical and folkloric dancer. Wiame Awres returns to the story of the female lineage of her family, to the trans-generational transmission of pain, revolt and thirst for freedom.